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Reasons Why the Galaxy Rose Bouquet is Better than Flowers

There is no better way to express your love than with a rose. A rose represents romance because it is one of the most beautiful and luxurious flowers. However, roses do not last forever and wilt within a few days. There is a better way to profess your everlasting love to that special someone in your life. A rose that is carefully made and perfected by the crafters to represent a love that can withstand the test of time. It is a flower that never ages, withers or loses its original shape and you can buy it for your loved one.

What is a Galaxy Rose?

A Galaxy Rose is an artificial kaleidoscopic flower that sparkles in the light and reflects all the rainbow colours. It is fashioned by skilful craftsmen to ensure that it can last forever. It makes a great impression on everyone and can win over anyone's heart.

The Galaxy Rose is gold plated, and their holographic effect makes them twinkle and shine. It is a great way to gain someone's attention and show them you care deeply about them. The Galaxy Rose looks remarkable when it catches the light and is sure to be the topic of conversation with anyone who sees it.

The Galaxy Rose is a classy present that is carefully handcrafted, and each intricate detail will capture the beholder's eye. The craftsmanship and dedication that goes into making the Galaxy Rose are what make it so valuable. It can last forever, just like the love between you and your loved one.

Galaxy Rose

Why You Should Choose the Galaxy Rose Over a Real Rose

Sending someone flowers to mark a special occasion is outdated. The excitement and happiness upon receiving roses last only for a short while, and once the flower wilts, it ends up in the trash. While flowers are temporary, the Galaxy Rose is permanent. This rose composes of a material that is not fragile and will not lose its lustre or shine. The Galaxy Rose is a thoughtful present not only because it looks beautiful but also because the person who owns it will not have to spend a lot of time cleaning it. They can enjoy the magnificent sight of the Galaxy Rose every single day with no effort on their part.

Imagine a flower that never has to be thrown away and will remind your significant other of the love you share every single day for the rest of their lives. With the Galaxy Rose, you don’t have to imagine anymore. You can mark any birthday, anniversary, or date with this beautiful rose whose sparkle will never fade away. The gift will remain with them forever, and every time they look at it, they will remember you and think of you fondly. The Galaxy Rose is an elegant gift that is perfect for any loved one. It shows the person that you want to be in their life forever, just like the rose.

The Galaxy Rose does not require water and can last for life with little to no maintenance. It is much more affordable than a bouquet of roses which will only last for a few days. That is not to say the rose looks or feels cheap because skilled professionals craft each flower, especially to give it its unique shape and characteristic holographic look. The Galaxy Rose is a life-long promise between you and the person who receives it. They can bask in its glow each day of the year and always look back to the special day they received it.

Galaxy Roses

Beauty Beyond Words

The Galaxy Rose is so beautiful that words fall short of describing it. The artists craft it using real roses grown in farms all over the country. The roses are frozen and then converted into a molding pattern from which they carve out the Galaxy Rose. The Galaxy Rose is the product of a real rose, and the stem has a 24K gold coating on it. The special coating gives them the holographic effect and makes them a striking sight to behold. 

Gold Plated Galaxy Rose

10 Reasons You Should Buy it for Your S/O Right Now

  1. The petals and leaves of the Galaxy Rose are of a holographic polyethylene, and it needs no water. The flower will remain shiny and lustrous forever, representing the love between you and your particular person.
  2. The stem is gold plated for an added element of elegance. The gold stem makes it look like it dropped right out of a Disney movie and is fit for a princess.
  3. It will never wilt or die and can last a lifetime, so you know that the person will always have a reminder of your love in their room.
  4. The rose sparkles when it touches light, making it look like a magical object that was specially forged by elves, fairies and other magical beings.
  5. It is a unique gift which is not available in every corner store, so the person who receives it will know you went to great lengths to acquire it and did not just grab it at the last moment.
  6. The Galaxy Rose is wrapped carefully in premium packaging, which is perfect for presents.
  7. The Galaxy Rose is 11 inches long, and you can order it in any quantity. It looks great as a single flower or in a bouquet of roses, and the quantity depends on your budget plus the significance of the occasion.
  8. They craft it using the best naturally grown roses, so it looks very realistic. Each petal looks just like the real one when a rose is in full bloom.
  9. It looks fantastic in pictures and fits right in with any Instagram aesthetic. It can enhance the interior of any room and make the owner the target of envy.
  10. It will show your significant other that your love is eternal because they will see it every day and reminisce about your best memories together.

Galaxy Rose vs Natural Rose

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