Galaxy Rose that Lasts Forever

Let your loved one know they're forever on your mind

Love is in the air

Galaxy roses have a history of winning hearts!

Galaxy roses leave a strong impact. They have a warm, pleasant effect on the rooms they are placed in. People love them. Perhaps even more than any other possible gift or home decor item! This is why our team has worked hard to design elegant heavenly, gold foil coated Galaxy roses. The experience for your loved ones would be simply divine! So let us help you create a long lasting beautiful memory!

Why buy a Galaxy rose?

Shouldn’t your loved one receive something special? Something beautiful? Something his/her friends don’t have? Galaxy roses can be kept by your loved one forever and feel warmth from it. It is not only a captivating home décor item, but it is a token of affection which you can hold close whenever you miss that ‘special somebody’.

And if you don’t like any of our pieces, you can easily return it! We ensure that returns are completely hassle-free for our customers. Though we hardly ever receive returns!

A gift idea like this rarely crosses someone’s mind and we want you to be one of those rare few.

Let your loved one cherish both you and your gifted Galaxy Rose!

More enchanting than real roses

We make sure that our roses are fragranced to give a ‘real-rose like’ experience. Our skillful designers add vivid colors and shine to the surface and make our Galaxy roses extremely lightweight.

Bundle of roses are better than one

The more the merrier, no? As our Galaxy roses are totally affordable, people choose to buy them in bouquet form to make the experience even better! You can order 3, 6 or even 12 at a time!

Why buy a Galaxy Rose from us?

We never comprise on quality as we hire experienced manufacturers. We ensure that deliveries are made exactly on time. Moreover, we give our Galaxy roses holographic coating and wrap them in beautiful packages before we ship them to you. Oh and yes, our shipping process is extremely convenient and easy.